Good morning Hawks,


We wanted to provide you with a “heads up” so that you can begin thinking about your preferences for September 2021.  On June 1-3, a survey will be made available that will ask you to choose between attending Monsignor Haller Catholic Elementary School face-to-face, or St. Isidore Catholic Elementary School virtually.


Please know that the option that you choose now will be your decision for the entire school year.  There will be no transition period between delivery platforms.


It is our hope that all students will feel comfortable in attending Monsignor Haller face-to-face, but understand any hesitation you may be feeling.  It is our hope that with increased numbers of staff and students being vaccinated and the necessary and appropriate safety protocols in place, we can continue to provide a safe and consistent learning environment for all students.

If you are conflicted between these options and are thinking about the home-schooling option, please call the office for more information at 519-579-1230


Please stay tuned to the WCDSB Newswire, Monsignor Haller’s Newswire alerts and the WCDSB Board website for updates and the release of the survey.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school at any time.

Stay Safe,