This Week in the Nest:

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, Fr. Joseph de Viveiros C.R. will be celebrating Mass for staff, students and parents from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. This celebration will bring a close to our Board’s Pastoral theme from this past year, Called to Belong. While our gathering at St. Anthony Daniel Parish will close one chapter, it will also give life to this coming year’s Pastoral theme, Gathered to Become.

Mass will be celebrated at 4:00 p.m. at St. Anthony Daniel Parish in Kitchener.  A reception in the Parish Life Centre will immediately follow Mass. We anticipate that each school community be represented at this upcoming celebration. We are inviting all principals, staff members, and students along with their parents to join us for this celebration of faith.

Our Annual Marble Tournament has begun!!  You haven’t heard about the Marble Tournament before??  Ask your child and find out if he/she signed up!

It’s one of the most popular clubs at Haller where all students from JK up to grade 8…and teachers too!!…are invited to play and compete to take the title of Marble Champion!

Welcome back Mrs. Rice from her maternity leave.  She is back in the Hawk’s Nest this Monday January 27th in grade 7/8!  A huge thank you and goodbye to Mrs. Picassinos who joined us since September in room 5.  Wishing her all the best in her next teaching assignment!

ArtShine Art Program:  Artshine is presenting today.  See flyer below!


Schools in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board administers the Canadian Achievement Test, Fourth Edition (CAT-4) for students, previously in Grade 7 between March-June 2020.  This year, we hope to include students in Grade 1-8.

The CAT-4 is a national standardized achievement test designed to measure achievement in the basic skills commonly taught in schools across Canada. The specific skill areas in which your child will be assessed include language arts, reading and mathematics. The CAT-4 takes approximately four hours to complete over a three-day period.

The CAT-4 will provide information for parents, students, teachers and administrators about how well students perform in the basic skill areas. This information will be used to provide direction for curriculum and program delivery at the system, school, and individual student levels.

If you wish your child to not participate in the testing, please contact the school principal by March 1, 2020.

We ask that you ensure your child is well rested and if at all possible avoid appointments during this time. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Kelly Roberts at 519-576-3660 or

Students in Grade 4 in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board will be administered  the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test Level 10 (CCAT 7) in the period of April 2020.

The purpose of this board-wide screening of the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test Level 10 (CCAT 7) is to:

Identify your child’s cognitive areas of strength and areas of need

Provide information about your child’s learning style

Provide information to your child’s teachers in order to help them meet instructional objectives


The CCAT 7 is divided into three sections (verbal, quantitative, non-verbal) and each section has three tests. The CCAT 7 will be administered over a three-day period and each testing session will last about 40 – 45 minutes out of the regular school day.

You will be notified if exemptions from any or all sections of the test may apply and be recommended for your child. If you do not wish for your child to participate in this assessment, please inform your school principal no later than March 1, 2020.

In June, you will receive the results of your child’s cognitive achievement in the three batteries.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school principal.

This Week:

Every Tuesday:  Spirit Day!  Wear blue, grey and white for a chance to win a prize if your KINDNESS KOUPON is drawn!

Wednesday: Bell Let’s Talk Day!

Thursday: Grade 8 and Senior Kindergarten Graduation Photos.  Sibling Photos too (if desired)

School Focus:

Have you ever heard your child say “nothing” when asked what he learned at school that day??  Me too.

Here are some precise questions to ask your child(ren) about their day.  These questions are deliberate prompts to assist all of us with engaging in our children’s learning:

  1. What did you learn in reading/math/science today?
  2. How did you do? How did it go?
  3. What did you do if you did not understand? What strategy did you use?
  4. How can you improve on your learning?
  5. What are you most proud of?

I am so proud of you for …..