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This Week in the Nest…

This Week in the Nest:

Monday:  Advent Link over the PA.  Ask your child what the link was!

Tuesday:  Spirit Day and FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT! 

Doors open at 5:45pm;

6:00pm pizza dinner (ordered online only);

6:30pm SHOWTIME!  Bring a blanket for you and your family!  Donations to Ray of Hope encouraged (hats, socks, mittens, and toiletries are most needed)

Friday:  Advent Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church 10:15am

School Focus:  Number relationships and fluency; problem solving 2-3 step problems and explaining your thinking.

**Advent and Christmas bring many opportunities to practice Math at home. This can include:

  • budgeting for buying gifts,
  • measuring ingredients or adjusting recipes for your family favourite cookies,
  • thinking spatially when wrapping presents,
  • counting lights and ornaments on the tree
  • comparing the number of houses with lights versus the number without on your street
  • or completing fun colouring and arts and crafts ideas

No matter what you are doing with your kids, take some time to explain your thinking and asking them to help with the math will help to develop their mathematical thinking skills.

Try these fun colouring activity with your kids to help them understand grids and coordinates:

Christmas Colouring Coordinates


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