Good afternoon Hawks,

Please read this important reminder. 

Please do not send your children to school sick.


If your child/children have been sent home with one or more COVID symptoms, they are not to return to school until there is communication to the office regarding your next step (one of the following):

-getting a COVID test and awaiting the results

-going to the doctor or

-self-isolating your family


If/when calling your child in ILL from school, please describe the symptom and let the office know which of the following you will seek:

-a COVID test

-going to the doctor or

-self-isolating your family


The self-assessment must be completed every morning – and the direction provided by the self assessment is what you follow.

A reminder that if one of your children has a COVID symptom ALL siblings from the school must stay at home as well and you must communicate to the office what your next step is.

Please see the attached for more information:  COVID Updates to WCDSB Parents Feb 22nd 21


Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Tanya Hunter