Are you looking for a Fulfilling Volunteer Opportunity?

Are you interested in volunteering with children in Kindergarten and Grade 1? The Strong Start “Letters, Sounds and Words Program”, which is offered at our school, provides an opportunity for volunteers to work one on one with a kindergarten or grade 1 child.

What is the time commitment?  A minimum of 30 minutes a week for ten weeks.

What is involved?  The volunteer plays a variety of literacy games with a child to help him or her develop early reading skills. A four hour training program is provided for all volunteers prior to working with a child. Detailed manuals and resources are also provided for volunteers. Children in the program really enjoy their time with the volunteer and make amazing gains in their early reading skills.

How to learn more about this opportunity? Contact Miss Murphy for more information about volunteering at our school in this valuable program.  The Strong Start website also provides detailed information. Go to, and click on the “Volunteer Experience” section of the website.