Pancake Tuesday is just around the corner: Tuesday, February 25th!  This special day marks the beginning of our Lenten Journey. Every student who is interested in eating pancakes will be provided with pancakes compliments of the school advisory council, staff,  parent volunteers and Nutrition for Learning.

We will be serving Aunt Jemima pancakes which are made in a ‘PEANUT-FREE’ facility but NOT a ‘NUT-FREE’ facility. Aunt Jemima syrup will also be served and is made in a facility that does NOT process any nut products.

We will need volunteers so that we can make this special celebration happen again for our students. If you are interested in helping us out, we will happily give you pancake mix and a baking tin to whip up some pancakes for us.    Please call the office for more details and thank you!


The school will not be offering gluten-free, egg-free, or dairy-free pancakes. It is a huge responsibility to try to cook these and at the same time try to avoid contamination from the regular ingredients. Instead, we are inviting parents of students with allergies to send in their own pancakes from home. We will provide the syrup and heat up the pancakes and serve along with the rest of the class. In that way, all students can enjoy this treat! Please send the pancakes labelled with the student’s in their school bag.

Thank you!