School Council Objectives:

To meet the needs of present and future challenges, school councils have been established in all Ontario schools.  The school lies at the heart of every community and the relationship between parents; school staff and the community is witness to the collaborative process involved in educating our children.

The advisory role of the School Council is to provide ideas and opinions, to assist the principal and where appropriate, school board trustees in their decision-making on educational issues.

The objectives of The Monsignor Haller Catholic School Council are:

  • To enhance communication between the school, home, church and community;
  • To support the school by providing resources to fulfill the mission.
  • To make recommendations to the administration and school staff on;
    • School policy and procedures
    • Programs and services
    • Facilities and equipment
    • Learning and resources
    • Parent/community education
    • Budgeting and finance

School Council Advisory:

Principal’s Welcome Letter:  Welcome Letter

School Council Constitution with Meeting Dates Noted: Monsignor Haller Constitution

2020-2021 School Council Advisory Members: 2020-2021 Monsignor Haller Catholic Advisory

Meeting Agenda and Minutes: October Meeting:  October 2022 CSAC Minutes (1)

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:  December Meeting: Meeting 2 Minutes December 2022

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:  January Meeting: Meeting 3 January Council Meeting Agenda Jan 5 Meeting 3 January Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda and Minutes:  March Meeting: Meeting 4 March Council Meeting AgendaFinal Meeting 4 March Council Meeting Minutes