For the 2021-2022 school year, schools will be closed to students on days where busses are cancelled due to inclement winter weather.  

Students are expected to be engaged in asynchronous learning and work will be posted by the classroom teacher by 9:30 am.

When buses are cancelled, school is cancelled and therefore food days for that day will be cancelled also.  The office will call the vendor the morning of to advise that the delivery is cancelled that day.  The Lunchbox Support Team will process credits back to the family’s accounts for the cancelled lunch order(s).  Parents with lunch orders placed will be issued a full credit to their Lunchbox account within 3 business days.  The credit will be applied to their next order at the time of check out.  If a parent prefers a refund, they may contact Support to have the funds returned to their payment card.

Thank you for your understanding in advance!