Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please know that the Temporary Remote Learning Option for students to connect to their classes is coming to an end on Friday, February 18th, 2022.  This option was provided at the request of the board and Ministry of Education while we navigated the high point of the Omicron surge.  We are now a month out from the peak and while the risk of covid is not fully removed, it is far similar to where we were in the fall months.  All students who did not select virtual learning for the full year at St. Isidore are now required to return to in person learning. If you still have a Chromebook on loan, please return it to school promptly so that our student population may utilize these learning devices at school. Much thanks, if you have already done so. 

The Daily Screening, and confirmation by the school remains a provincial requirement.  In our elementary schools we will stop using the paper confirmation form, however students will still be asked to confirm that they have completed the screening with you at home.  It is extremely important that no student comes to school not having completed their screening at home for the safety of all. Thank you for your time each day before the school day begins in completing the daily screening.

In addition, school bus operators in the Region continue to experience bus driver shortages which affects transportation. Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) and school bus operators are working to address driver shortages through modifications to existing bus routes and aggressive recruiting efforts. In some cases buses have been cancelled on a week to week basis.  We recognize this is far from ideal.

 Bus Cancellation

 Buses will be cancelled when the following occurs:

  1. A bus route cannot be serviced up to 40 minutes past its scheduled time.
  2. There is no driver available to service the route.

 Families should subscribe to automatic notifications on STSWR’s website to be notified of late buses and cancellations:

Operators are sending out service notifications on a priority basis to support families with their planning. As we are in the latter stages of winter, families should ensure they monitor weather conditions and make appropriate arrangements to ensure their children are not exposed to severely cold temperatures for extended periods while waiting for a late bus.

Students who cannot get to school when a bus is cancelled should check their Google classroom daily for school work / assignments.

 A new cohort of drivers have been hired, trained, and have been assigned to those routes most at risk for cancellation.  Recruitment and training will continue.

 If you or anyone you know are be interested in a rewarding career as school bus driver, please visit/share the following site:

 Please contact STSWR at 519-744-7575 if you require additional information / support.

Finally, Term 1 Report Cards will be distributed today.  If you wish to discuss your child(ren)’s progress please feel free to contact the teacher directly. We thank you for your ongoing partnership in your child(ren)’s education.

May you enjoy your Family Day holiday on Monday, February 21 spending time with your loved ones. 


Mrs. Kuntz