Good morning Haller Hawk families,

Please review the following ‘News from the Nest’:

Daily Screening ~ Families are reminded to continue using the Covid-19 School Screening tool before students arrive at school, and follow the directions provided from the screener. It is very important that we continue our diligence in keeping all students, staff and families safe.

PA Day ~ Please know that Friday, November 19 is a Spiritual Development for staff, and there is no school for students.

Parent / Student / Teacher Conferences ~ Classroom teachers will be reaching out to schedule an interview (virtual or via phone call) to discuss your child’s Progress Report November 23-25. Interviews requiring Translator support will be scheduled for alternate date – more information to come. 

Kindness / Anti-Bullying Week (Nov. 15-19) ~ This week we are focussing on Kindness / Anti-Bullying Week. The following theme days have been planned to further support our efforts in promoting kindness and inclusion within our school community.

  • Monday – Random Act of Kindness Day – Do Something Kind for someone else
  • Tuesday- PJ Day – Put Bullying to Rest
  • Wednesday – Two Different Shoes Day – Let’s Learn to Walk in someone else’s shoes
  • Thursday – Backwards Shirt Day – Show that you have someone else’s back
  • Friday – Wacky Hair Day – Let’s appreciate the uniqueness of others

Spirit Days ~ Every Tuesday is Spirit Day. We are anticipating Spirit wear orders to arrive in advance of Christmas holidays. Students may also wear our school colours (navy blue / gray) on Spirit Days.

Terra Cotta Cookie Dough Fundraiser is BACK! ~ We are so excited to bring back the Terra Cotta Cookie Dough Fundraiser. All orders will be done through their online ordering system. Please use the following link:

Flip Give Fundraiser ~ Our team name is Monsignor Haller CES and our team code is QH4DTB.  Please go to the website or download the app to create their account and use the team code to join so that a portion of their sales go to our school. The key is to check on the website or app for the company they are shopping with before finalizing any online orders. 

Another note is that everyone has three options for how their purchases show up to the rest of the team. They can go into team privacy in their account settings and set it to full, partial or hidden. Each option will show them how their account/purchases will show up to the rest of the team so they can select the option they’re most comfortable with. Sincere thanks to all for supporting our school community.

HOT LUNCH IS BACK! ~ All orders will be completed through School Cash Online (make sure you sign up!). Mrs. Neves will not be able to accept any cash in the office. Please see attached flyer for hot lunch information.

LBSCO Program Intro Letter – Monsignor Haller CES Kitchener 2021-22


If you have any questions please feel free to call the school or email Mrs. Neves


Saturday Skills Builder ~ is a FREE literacy and numeracy support program for Gr. 7 and 8 students. If your child/student needs help to get through this transitional time and grades or study habits are suffering, encourage them to get the extra help they need. Taught by Certified Intermediate teachers, Skills Builder will provide additional instruction and resources to assist with the skills and tasks that follow this year’s curriculum.

Skills Builder is intended to help students who need:

  • more time and attention outside of school hours
  • a different approach to learning
  • to hear, see, and apply new knowledge more than once


  • Saturdays, 9:00am to 12:00pm ONLINE (until in-person learning permitted),
  • October to June (regular attendance is not required, yet strongly encouraged)

CLICK HERE to register online

For more information: 


Umbrella Project ~ This month our focus is to build a growth mindset. To briefly summarize, in a fixed mindset we believe that our intelligence and talent are something we are born with and can’t change. This leads us to the false assumption that talent alone, without hard work, will lead to success. Extensive research has shown that children with this mindset give up easily and often avoid challenges.

In a growth mindset, we see ourselves as growing and developing. We believe we can build any skill with effort and this can help us create a love of learning and an excitement around new challenges. We see the brain like a muscle, the more effort we put in, the bigger it grows.

Praise Your Child For Effort Instead of Talent

The most important thing we can work towards as parents is to praise our children for effort, not talent. Our words tell children how to think about themselves and with best intentions when we say things like, ‘Great job, you got perfect without even trying. You’re so smart!’ we send our child the message that trying hard means you aren’t as smart. 

Research shows that children praised for outcome will choose easier tasks to prove they are smart and gain our approval. Praising children for effort on the other hand, is what leads them to choose harder tasks because they know we value effort. This is why children with a growth mindset ultimately reach higher levels of success. 

To support the growth mindset of our school community, please give praise freely for these growth mindset builders:

  • Things accomplished through practice: studying, use of effective strategies, perseverance, and concentration
  • Choosing challenging projects
  • Trying different strategies
  • Making improvements
  • Passion

When your child does something very quickly and easily, recognize that the task didn’t challenge them and say, “Sorry about that. I guess that was too easy. Next time let’s choose something that will really help you grow.” 

Try to avoid praise that judges their intellect, talent and speed rather than effort. Praising these qualities unintentionally has an adverse effect when our child faces difficult tasks, as it can create a fear of failure, increased procrastination and cause our children to quit when things get difficult. 

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Upcoming / Important Dates: Please visit our school calendar regularly for updates.

Nov. 18 ~ Progress Report Cards sent home

Nov. 19 ~ PA Day / No School for students

Nov. 23-25 ~ Parent / Student / Teacher Conferences