Good Morning Hawks!


The morning of our return to school may be one filled with excitement and joy, and also nervousness and uncertainty. I wanted to take a moment to share a prayer with all of you that perhaps you may read with your children to find inner peace this morning:


Dear Lord, 

We invite you into our hearts, Lord — hearts that have so much on them right now.
Amidst our fear, disappointment, confusion, uncertainty, grief, anger, frustration,
We invite you in, Lord.
We know you are stronger than this and You will give us Your strength.
May we be given peace and understanding,
May we act with humility to preserve our safety and health, and to look beyond ourselves toward others.

May we be alert to the ways we may help those around us, and give us the grace to step forward without hesitation, 

For Your greater glory.


Have a peaceful day, see everyone very soon.

Stay Safe Hawks!

The Staff at Monsignor Haller