Good afternoon hawks!

You may have heard the Ministry provided an update this afternoon regarding COVID.  At this point, schools in Waterloo Region are scheduled to pivot back to face to face learning on January 25th.

Until then, as we navigate through the new process of Remote Learning, we ask that all parents/guardians treat Remote Learning like any other school day. With that said, the expectations are that students will be online, learning in the morning session and afternoon session.

We understand that things come up, appointments, sickness etc. If this is the case and your child is not able to attend their Remote Learning sessions for the day or part of the day, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to call in the attendance and notify the office the reason why your child is absent and the length of their absence.

Attendance has been consistently outstanding in the past week!  I love seeing students turn their cameras on for a quick wave or a hello when I pop into the google classrooms.  I am amazed that every class has almost every student present and logged in for their learning.

Well done hawks!

Stay safe!