Good afternoon Hawks,


It is so important that we are all doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 in every way that we can.


I am so thankful to the many of you who are keeping your children home when they have symptoms that could be related to COVID.  You are taking this seriously and we appreciate it.


Please know that we are constantly monitoring our students throughout the day, and if symptoms arise we will move them to our isolation room and call a parent for a pick up of your child and any siblings.


When this happens, here are your options:
  1. You can contact a health care professional (e.g., a nurse practitioner or your family doctor) who may advise you based on your visit/virtual meeting that the symptoms are not COVID related.  Your child can return to school 24 hours AFTER symptoms go away.  Please note that this will likely NOT be the next day of school. If it is NOT COVID – any siblings who are healthy may return to school.
  2. You can contact a health care professional (e.g., a nurse practitioner or your family doctor) who will advise that the symptoms may be COVID related.  Please follow their direction to get a test if this is the case.  Your child & siblings can return to school once the results of the test are confirmed negative.  If it is positive, public health will advise you of your next steps.  Please let the school know immediately so that we can begin contact tracing measures.
  3. You can choose to immediately go to get a COVID-19 test.  Your child and siblings need to isolate until the results come in.  If it is a negative test result, you can return to school, assuming symptoms are no longer present (and after 24 hours).  If it is a positive result, contact the school immediately and follow the direction of public health officials.
  4. You can choose to keep your child at home to isolate for 14 days.  If symptoms do not arise, they are welcome back at school after that time.  If they do, please seek the advice of a health care professional immediately.
Unfortunately, during this pandemic, you are not able to simply have them rest for the day and return the next day.  You MUST seek the advice of a health care professional or isolate for 14 days.


I truly wish that we had discretion in this decision, but given the current circumstances, we do not.


Thank you for your continued cooperation, understanding, and support during this difficult time.

Tanya Hunter