Good morning Hawks,

We are so excited to get back to learning with all of you next week and to hear about how your Christmas Break went.  As you know, we will be starting the first week working fully remotely, which means your children will all log onto their google classroom and be “live” with their teachers on Monday morning at 8:50am as per usual.  Please know that working fully remotely is new for us, just like it is for many of you.  We are so thankful for your patience and understanding as we navigate these new waters.

Remote Learning January 4-8:

Our staff has been taking a well-deserved break after a very busy fall, and have worked on creating their google classrooms for Monday.  Parents, please know what this winter’s remote learning will look like – unlike during the spring remote learning, next week will have students “attending” school as they normally would for the full day with a balanced approach between synchronous and asynchronous learning.

The school day will be from 8:50am-3:20pm with breaks for recess and lunch included.  Synchronous sessions will be “live” with the classroom teacher, Miss Wood or Monsieur and will be short and focused.  Other times, it may be in small groups while others are working asynchronously.   Your child may not be working on a computing device for the entire time allocated for synchronous learning,  they may be working independently during real-time learning, away from their device, with the teacher available for support in the virtual classroom.

If you have not already, please have your child log into their google classroom over the weekend so they can show you what it looks like.  On Monday at 8:50am your child will be expected to log into their google classroom and join the google meeting.

The school will follow up with families as we usually would next week to ensure children are logging in for attendance each day and to see if families need any other supports.  If you are choosing not to attend remote learning, please call the office on Monday.


Sound confusing?  It is! But know that we are still learning too! Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions about remote learning.


Technology Needs:

If you requested to borrow a chromebook device via the Chromebook Device Survey, an email was sent to you already inviting you to come to the school on Sunday Jan. 3 at 10am-11am or Monday Jan. 4 at 8am-10am.  If you did not receive an email from the school, we do not have an email listed for you and you may arrive on one of the times listed above.

As stated earlier, students will not be on a device for the entire 300 minute school day, so if two siblings need to share one device, teachers will understand that children may arrive late to online class from time to time.   If you do have technology needs, please contact your child’s teacher directly on Monday, and we will see what arrangements can be made.


We look forward to working with your children virtually from January 4 – January 8, and resuming face-to-face learning on Monday, January 11th.  As always, check for the most up to date information.


Stay safe Hawks,

Tanya Hunter