Summer Greetings!

Welcome Back Hawks! We sincerely hope that all our families have had a wonderful summer creating many new memories. We cannot wait to hear about your adventures. Our Haller Staff have been busy preparing for the upcoming school year and are looking forward to another fabulous year celebrating our amazing students. Our office officially opens on Monday, August 26th.

We invite all families back on the first day of school, Tuesday September 3rd, where we will meet on the backyard blacktop area. All students in grades 1-8 are asked to locate their teacher who will be identifying themselves with their grade level with signs. Our teachers will take attendance and ensure they have all their students before entering the school. This allows our students to become settled quickly and for staff to begin framing their positive classroom communities. (In the case of rain on our first day, we will move into the gymnasium. Parents are welcome to come onto the yard on our first day, yet it is not necessary as all staff will be present.)

Our Junior Kindergarten students will follow their staggered entry as previously directed. All Senior Kindergarten students have a start date of Wednesday, September 4th.

Parents are asked to complete all start up information through our SchoolCash Online portal. Paper copies of the student verification forms will be sent home on the first day and are needed to be returned promptly for the office to update your child’s information. We truly appreciate your assistance with this and helping our school move away from paper and towards our electronic organization. Thank you for your co-operation with this.   ALL money transactions will be moving to this online platform this school year including pizza lunch and field trips.  If you require support signing up, please let the office know.  For your convenience, the system will automatically transfer your child to St. Mary’s High School when they move on to grade 9, where all paperwork and fees will be required to be completed on SchoolCash Online.

With the beginning of a new school year, also comes change with staffing. This year, we are fortunate to welcome many new members to the Haller team in classrooms where teachers are on maternity leave. We celebrate this renewed energy and positivity with our new additions!

Moving forward into the school year, informative posts/news items will be sent out through Newswire. Our “Friday Flash” updates you will receive each week are meant to provide you with a weekly glance at what to expect in the week ahead so you have the weekend to prepare and/or support your child with any special events, field trips etc.  Additionally, we will send out occasional tweets and updates to share any important occurrences to keep our community informed (e.g., late buses, fundraising).  See our school website for our twitter feed and newswire sign ups.  It is our continued goal to have our families participate in our celebrations and feel a part of our school community!


Looking forward to another productive and fun filled year!

God bless,

Tanya Hunter