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Friday Flash…a look ahead

This Week in the Nest:

PARENTS:  Mark your calendars for the event of the year:  Haller’s Fiction Festival AND Read-a-thon:  This year the Fiction Festival will be linked to our school fundraiser, our Read-a-thon.    In addition to the kid’s favourite, the  FICTION FESTIVAL …we have planned guest readers, a raffle table, bake sale, photo booth, used book sale and guessing jars.

Any donations/support is welcome!!  More information will be coming home near the end of January as well as on schoolcash online and newswire.  Mark your calendars:  February 16th

 I would like to take a moment to give a huge shout out to our School Council members!!  This small group of amazing parents meet regularly with school staff in order to promote student success and engagement at Haller!!

So far this year they planned, organized and pulled off our  adorable School Calendars; made endless phone calls and trips around town helping to support Christmas Angels in our school community; and will be assisting with our annual Pancake Tuesday School Breakfast!

Like the old saying, “many hands make light work,” we are always looking for more hands…even if only to lend a hand with gardening, whipping up pancakes, joining a meeting, or counting money.  If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, you are so welcome to call the school office for more info!

This Week: 

Tuesday: Spirit Day!

Confirmation Meeting for students being Confirmed @ Blessed Sacrament Church at 7pm

Grade 8 Parent Pathway Information Session at SMH.  Even if you are undecided or thinking about a different high school, it is highly recommended you attend!

Wednesday: Deacon Shawn visiting grade 2’s

Mrs. Koehler visiting grade 7’s

Thursday: Eucharistic Adoration at 10:15am at School (all parents welcome!)


 School Focus:

Have you heard about the “Counting Principles” in math before?  These 8 principals are critical for mathematics success AND they begin to develop in children as young as 6 months old — all the way through elementary school.

See the attachment for the Counting Principles, along with explanations of each:

Counting Principles- summarized

You can check out The Guides to Effective Mathematics Instruction for games you can try at home to practice the counting principles at home:






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