Good morning Hawks,

Principal’s Message:

Although it will not be like a traditional Sacramental year, please join me in celebrating our students who are receiving First Communion and Confirmation tonight at Blessed Sacrament Parish.  Congratulations to you and I hope you find a way to celebrate with your family this evening.  Looking forward to being a part of your special night.

Weekly reminder:  at Monsignor Haller every Tuesday is SPIRIT DAY.  All staff and students are encouraged to wear Spiritwear or BLUE, GREY OR WHITE to show our school spirit!


School News:

Staffing Changes:

Thank you to all families for being patient as we continue to experience staffing changes.  Most recently you already know that Mrs. Cotter was reassigned to St. Isidore Remote Learning School and Mrs. Norman was reassigned to the grade 4/5 teaching assignment.  This caused a shuffle in students moving classrooms, but we are happy to report everyone has settled in!

This week we saw Mrs. Lynn, our ECE in Ms. Adams kindergarten class, also reassigned to St. Isidore, and Mrs. Fontes moved on.  We welcome two new ECE’s Ms. Yake and Ms. Gould to room K and are excited for them to join our hawk’s nest!



Please check your schoolcash online account for purchasing PUMPKINS for our Council’s fundraiser.  Attached here is the Council letter with both our Pumpkin and From Farm to Table options to support school fundraising this fall: Beg Year Fundraiser

  1. Herrle’s Pumpkins: check out schoolcash online to order your coupons to pick a field pumpkin at our local farm
  2. From Farm to Table:  if you would like to avoid the shipping costs, families may pick up their orders.  The pick up location is in Cambridge.

Add the letters PU to the end of our school code and in the notes section of the order add you would like to pick up. It would take about 2 days and they would receive an email when it’s ready for pick up at

Fundraising Code: MHCS20C1


Halloween Reminder:

Many of our traditional schoolwide events have been cancelled or postponed since the start of this new school year.  One that we would like to continue within our school community is to welcome all our hawks in costumes on Halloween!! (Oct. 30).  Alternatively, your child may choose to come in black and orange, or a Halloween t-shirt etc.

As always, if your child chooses to dress up, please be conscious of the type of costume your child is planning on wearing to school.  Students wearing /bringing weapons or other inappropriate costumes that violate our Catholic values will be asked to change.  Students are encouraged to think about the costume they want to wear and leave props, pieces & accessories at home to avoid them being lost, broken or ruined at school. Especially is if it a cold or wet day  — it  is best to save the good costumes for Trick or Treating (hoping children are allowed to go out this year).   *NEW*  due to COVID, staff will NOT be assisting with any costumes or costume fails.  So, again, please be conscience of the costume selection.

Please note that treats of any kind (cupcakes, cookies, Halloween candy, chips or chocolate) will not be passed out this year and families are refrained from sending them to school.  Thank you very much for your understanding!! 

We look forward to marking this holiday with some of our annual traditions such as schoolwide Halloween Bingo, staff costume theme, <virtual> Halloween Parade and more!


Progress Report Cards:

Please note that progress report cards will be sent home later than usual this year due to COVID implications regarding transitions to learning environments.


Upcoming Important Dates: 

October 23rd:  First Communion and Confirmation for the students who registered last year: at 7:00pm at Blessed Sacrament Parish (Sunday best – no need to purchase gowns/suits)

October 30th:  School Council Fundraiser Closes

October 31st:  BOO!  Halloween at Haller!

November 2:  School Advisory Council Meeting at 6pm via Google Meets

November 23: Faith PD Day * this is a Monday


Parish Updates:

If you know of any family needing help with food or Christmas hampers, please call the school or the church and we can assist in connecting St. Vincent de Paul or better have the family call the church so we can help set up something. 

Second, The SVDP will be working again with the Christmas Program and Blessed Sacrament Church will be one of the pickup sites for families this December. 

The biggest change is that there will be NO toys collected. They are asking for gift cards to Walmart or Giant Tiger only. Families will be given the food needed and gift cards to go and buy what they want. 

If you choose to have something at your school we are asking that gift cards be delivered to the church (or I can set up a pick up if needed) by November 20th. I realize this seems early but we need to have the time to organize packages for each family. 

 If you have any food items that were donated let me know and I can come and pick it up. 

 Thank you for your continued support with the Church and with St. Vincent de Paul. 


Stay Safe Hawks!

The Staff at Monsignor Haller