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Friday Flash…a look ahead

  This Week in the Nest:

PARENTS:  Mark your calendars for the event of the year:  Haller’s Fiction Festival AND Read-a-thon:  This year the Fiction Festival will be linked to our school fundraiser, our Read-a-thon. 

All students will receive TWO tickets for the day just for coming to school with their book and ready for their book talk!  Additional tickets will be awarded for each raffle prize donation, bake sale donation, and a ticket for every $5.00 raised from pledgalopes! ($30.00 = 6 extra tickets!). 

Pledgalopes and schoolcash online were sent out this past Wednesday.  Please check them out!! Mark your calendars:  February 16th

Please note that classroom activities will be celebrated on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 13th. We will also join together as a school community for PANCAKES!

 This Week: 

Tuesday: Spirit Day!

JK Registration (all day and evening until 7pm).  Set up an appointment at the office: 519-579-1230

Thursday: Grade 2 First Reconciliation 6:30pm at Blessed Sacrament

Friday: Olympics Spirit Day!!

 School Focus:

Did you know that EQAO is NOT just a grade 3 and 6 test?  Sure, students write them in grades 3 and 6, but they are actually called Primary Assessments and Junior Assessments.

The learning that students need to be successful on these tests accumulate in each grade.  For example, kids learning about geometric attributes in grade 1 will need this learning as concepts build in grade 2 and then in grade 3.

 So…are you smarter than a 3rd or 6th grader?

 Try these questions at home with your children:

 Primary Assessment Sample Questions:


 Junior Assessment Sample Questions:

Good luck!!

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