Good Morning Hawks,

I hope this first week of distance learning was successful for everyone.  It may take some time for everyone to become familiar with accessing the google classrooms, portals, weekly slides/activities.  This is a learning curve for teachers as well – as we learn how school will look for the time being. Teachers will be providing some tasks for you that will be assessed, but our focus will be on providing review and consolidating the the big ideas in learning with a focus on religion & family life, literacy and numeracy.

We realize the commitment that this takes from all of you at home and we are so thankful for your efforts in supporting your child’s learning.  We are confident that this will be successful because of the great team we have at school and the amazing community in which we are a part! I know that in a month or so, when we are looking back on this experience, we will see this as another example of the amazing family we have at Monsignor Haller built on togetherness, trust and support!

As you figure out what your home daily schedule will look like in terms of time spent each day learning, keep in mind the Ministry of Education has outlined a minimum of 1 hour of learning each day (5 hours per week) for all students from JK – Grade 6.  This increases to 2 hours per day (10 hours per week) for students in Grades 7 and 8.  

These times are a minimum as some assignments/activities may take some students longer or some teachers may have an additional item from time to time.  This should not be overwhelming for anyone – students or parents. If you are having a challenge, however, please make sure you reach out to your child’s teacher.  These are extremely unusual times and we need to count on each other; we are all here to help!

Parent Supports on WCDSB Website – 

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WCDSBLearn@Home (a new FAQ has been recently added to the Learn@Home and COVID-19 pages)

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Missing everyone and talk soon,

Mrs. Hunter


“In times of crisis, less is more. Pare down. Focus on what matters most. Nurture yourself and those you love. We are all in this, and will get through it–together.”