Winter Weather:

It looks like it’s staying…the unpredictable cold, snowy, wet weather.

It is that time of year when students need to be reminded of the necessity of dressing properly for the weather (e.g., mittens, hats, scarves, snowpants, boots, etc.). Items that are labelled will be easier for your child to track down, as many boots and mittens look very similar.  A number of items make their way to the Lost and Found and are often not claimed, so be sure to remind your child to check there if they have lost something. We ask that each child have indoor footwear (e.g., running shoes to wear in the school and boots to wear outside).

Younger students who are not wearing snowpants or winter boots will be reminded to play on the drier blacktop area.  We do not have access to a washing machine or dryer at school – therefore children without winter clothing are encouraged to stay out of the wet snow and to bring an extra set of bottoms and socks in their backpacks.

Research indicates that fifteen minutes of fresh air allows students to refocus on their studies.  We will monitor the weather conditions daily and make decisions based upon our local conditions. Except under unusual conditions, students go outside for ALL am/pm recesses and the longer lunch recess.  Please remember that children who are too ill to go outside should be resting at home, as we are unable to watch sick children. If you or someone you know needs an extra set of snowpants or boots, please let the school know and we can try to help.


Carizon Resource for Families:

The school’s Community Resource Worker is Erin Young. She is available to Monsignor Haller families to access for free.  Her contact info is: or 519-404-1682


Upcoming Events:

Nov 20 – ALL Cookie Dough orders were due on School Cash.   Cookies will be available for pick up December 4th any time between 2pm-5:30pm.

Nov 22 – Pottery to Go Grades 1 -8 (all payments due on School Cash Online by Nov 17)

Nov 29 – Picture Retake Day (afternoon)

Dec 16 – Turkey Lunch (please notify the office if your child will not be participating).  It is also    green, red & white day!

Dec 17 – Christmas Sweater Day

Dec 18 – Christmas Hat Day

Dec 19 – Christmas Pajama Day

Dec 20 – Christmas Concert @ 1pm & Scarf & Mitten Day


School Focus:  Mathematics Discourse

Prompts For Parents to Ask Their Children:


“can you prove your idea?”

“how did you get the answer?”

“are there other ways to get the answer?”

“where would you use this skill outside of school?”  “how is this different?”

“what problems of your own can you make?”

“can you verify MY answer?”