This year our school fundraising efforts will continue to include a no-contact fundraising opportunity for Monsignor Haller CES community through FlipGive.

FlipGive provides a platform where we earn cash back on every purchase, we make all year long! All you have to do is shop anytime with the brands you already love, like Home Depot, Walmart, Sport Chek, Indigo, Old Navy, Apple, Esso, and Loblaws. You will create an account using the link below and then the next time you shop online for products or gift cards you can earn a percentage back for the school. You will be able to shop using the FlipGive website or app (free download available in the app store and google play).

Join our team now and you’ll get a $10 bonus the first time you shop:

When you sign up, you need to make a purchase through Flipgive within the first 14 days of sign up to receive the bonus.

Or if you already have an account, please use this code to find our school: QH4DTB

The most important step is remembering to use the website or app to make your purchase through the link/app so that FlipGive can ensure the companies send the portion of the purchase back to our school team.

If each school family made one purchase through FlipGive we would raise almost $1000 through the bonus $5 that is given to the team each time a member shops through our school link for the first time.

Any questions can be directed to Jesse Vokes through email at


Monsignor Haller Catholic School Advisory Council

Want to learn more? Check out this 2-minute video: FlipGive Information