Good morning Hawks,

It is with mixed emotions I write this final Friday Flash for the 2019-2020 school year.  

What a year 2020 has been. There is no doubt that you will remember this year throughout your lifetime. We would never have anticipated this ending to your school year. On what level did we expect a global pandemic would interrupt our learning, our goodbyes, and of course our grade eight graduation?

Last night was our most emotional graduation yet.  Seeing all our students dressed up with their families, coming for the last time to Haller.  Physical distancing prevented us from saying goodbye and good luck the way we wanted to.  These kids are always welcome back and we look forward to seeing who will visit us in the fall.

As you know there has been a lot going on in our world. One of the most recent topics is ‘belonging.’ We all want our children to grow up in a world where they feel they belong. We want to allow them to reach for their dreams and feel that whatever they want to achieve in life is possible. We want them to feel loved and included.  

We couldn’t be prouder of all our families for surviving and thriving during this time. We know it has not been easy, and the entire Haller staff is saddened that we cannot be physically together to say goodbye but please know that each of you are in our thoughts and prayers.

And so, as always at Haller, we are truly grateful and would like to thank you for supporting us and trusting us to take care of your children.  

As we get ready for the long, hot days of summer, I pray that we are moving into a phase where our kids can get dirty outside, swim in a pool, or jump in a lake.  Most importantly, I pray that everyone is safe and comes back to us healthy and happy in September.

Continue to look for Newswires throughout the summer as information about the school start up becomes available.

*Remember that Monday and Tuesday are the scheduled days to come and pick up your child’s belongings.  Please let your teacher know if you require an alternate date/time and we can assist with connecting with you.  Report cards will be available as well next week.

It’s been another wonderful year of great kids -made too short to end like this.  

God Bless,

Tanya Hunter




Often, this time of year brings parents asking us “what can we do at home over the summer with our kids?” 

School teachers do not program for students throughout the summer, however, because of  distant learning, your child’s google classroom provided in depth tasks and activities to review.  If you have a few minutes each day, here are some things you can review with your children over the summer break.

 Early Years/Primary:

Print name (first/last initial)

Page orientation (left, right, top and bottom)

Correct letter formation (distinguishing upper versus lowercase letters)

Letter recognition of all 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters

Letter sound knowledge of the 26 letters in the alphabet

Pencil and scissor grip

Practice reading and writing every night. Review the google classroom tasks in reading and mathematics for preparation for a new grade. 

Math facts are critical.  Mental math is easy to practice on walk, in the car and at the grocery store.  Any dollar store math practice workbook will do too!

Junior / Intermediate:

Read novels or books of interest.

Keep a diary or journal to continue writing and developing ideas.

Math skills are critical to move forward in the fall.  Review as much as you can from your google classroom work and always practice basic math facts and operations (x / fractions, decimals, integers)

 Google classrooms will be archived and students may not be able to access them after next week.  If there are practice sheets and activities you wish to save before the classroom closes, simply make a copy of the activities to save to your child’s google drive.



Thank you to this year’s School Council!  We enjoyed a year of getting to know each other, meeting, planning and learning for the benefit of ALL our students!  If you wish to be a part of this group next year, we can always use a helping hand.  Please consider!! 

School Council is a wonderful chance to get to know other parents in the school which will continue to build the community building efforts at Haller!  Thank you again for your continued efforts and commitment to Haller!



This week’s video was in honour of our GRADE 8 STUDENTS!

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!  You made it!  You did it!  And we will miss you!

Did you see our video?  If not, go to our school website to the right side under Tweets by @MonsignorHaller or go right to our Twitter page @MonsignorHaller!

Huge thanks to Miss Stevens & Miss O’Neill who are the masterminds behind our videos, and to Miss Stroyan who puts everyone’s clips together into our videos.  Thank you to all Haller staff who coordinate their school & home life around filming their parts!


Missing everyone and hope to see you next week,

Mrs. Hunter



“In times of crisis, less is more. Pare down. Focus on what matters most. Nurture yourself and those you love. We are all in this, and will get through it–together.”