As summer nears and we think about packing up our classrooms, tuck away our books, pens and memories, the staff at Monsignor Haller School are reflective over the past year.

We are giving you back your child.  The same child you entrusted to our care last fall. We will be giving him back pounds heavier, inches taller, months wiser, more responsible, and more mature then he was then. Thank you for supporting us and trusting us to take care of your children.  We feel honoured and excited knowing that we played a part in their learning and their becoming more responsible citizens.

So, as we get ready for the long, hot days of summer….be sure to spend as much time as you can with your children this summer.  Actually play.  Go fishing. Catch frogs. And eat ice cream together.  Read to them, let them read to you. Let them get dirty, and then swim in a pool, or jump into a lake.  Enjoy these moments; these are the memories they will remember.

It’s been another wonderful year of great kids.

See our Haller family back here on September 4th!

God Bless,

Tanya Hunter

Summer Practice!

Often, this time of year brings parents asking us “what can we do at home over the summer with our kids?”  As a staff, we have identified areas that we are concentrating on for consistency, that are easily transferable to home as well.  If you have a few minutes each day, here are some things you can review with your children over the summer break.

Early Years/Primary:


Senior Kindergarten Student Expectations Are:

Print name (first/last initial)

Page orientation (left, right, top and bottom)

Correct letter formation (distinguishing upper versus lowercase letters)

Letter recognition of all 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters

Letter sound knowledge of the 26 letters in the alphabet

Pencil and scissor grip


Grade 1 and 2 Student Expectations Are:

Record a date and a title centred on page

Try to write to the end of the line and skip lines

Record name on all handouts

Notebook pages are to be filled up completely. Both sides of the page must be used. Using all pages saves trees.

Handouts are to be put in duo-tangs/binders properly or glued in notebooks. No loose papers.


Junior / Intermediate:

Students are expected to work to the best of their ability and to display a sense of pride in their efforts and accomplishments (There is an understanding that there are exceptions to all rules and that decisions will be made with the best interests of students in mind).

All students’ work must be organized and legible and include their name, title and date. The title is to be centred on top line and date recorded on the right side of the page. They must be underlined.

Scribbling or any markings on the cover and/or inside the notebook or binder is not permitted.

The assignment outline is to be listed inside the red margin on the left side of the page.

Question numbers are to be recorded on the left side of the red margin.

All students must use pencil unless the teacher gives permission. Pencil is to be used in all subject areas in grade 1 to 5. Pen will be introduced in grade 5 for students that are able to handle this responsibility. Pen will be introduced to all students in grade 6. Math will be completed in pencil.

Notebook pages are to be filled up completely. Both sides of the page must be used. Using all pages saves trees.

Students are to complete all assigned work and make necessary corrections (liquid whiteout can’t be used due to safety reasons).

Textbooks and other school property, which are on loan to students, must be returned in the same condition.

Handouts are to be put in duo-tangs/binders (see classroom teacher direction) properly or glued in notebooks. No loose papers.


Thank you to this year’s School Council!  We enjoyed a year of getting to know each other, meeting, planning and learning for the benefit of ALL our students!  If you wish to be a part of this group next year, we can always use a helping hand.  Please consider!!  It’s a wonderful chance to get to know other parents in the school which will continue to build the community building efforts at Haller!

Thank you again for your continued support and commitment to Haller!

Upcoming Dates:

June 25th: Haller Carnival!  Note a number events will be more than one ticket…be prepared and use them wisely:)

June 26th: Report Cards Go Home

June 27th: Return the 3rd page from the Report Card

World Cup Soccer (26th-28th)

June 29th : Last Day of School