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Fiction Festival and Read-a-Thon

Hello Hawks!!

Kindly read note this Fiction Festival and Read-a-Thon Update:  

Our Fiction Festival is NEXT Friday February 16th!!  All students will receive TWO event tickets for coming to school on Friday with their costume and book talk prepared!

Additional tickets can be earned by:

-pledgalope collections!! (1 ticket for every $5.00 collected).  Our goal is $30 per pledgalope!!

-donating a raffle prize (please drop off at the office by Thursday)

-bringing in a NUT FREE bake sale donation

This is like Halloween…in February and everyone at Haller is talking about this event!  The Read-a-Thon is our school’s big fundraiser this year.  We have a number of amazing guests coming (Deputy Mayor, Loretta Notten, Director of our School Board, the Firehouse, community workers, Fitz the Whip and more!!)

We need your support to help to make this event a success!! Funds collected will be going right back into classroom activities and additional resources for learning.  Thank you!

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