July 31st, 2020

Dear Haller Families,      

I hope you and your families have been well over the summer and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

In light of the Ministry’s announcement regarding school in September, our Director has provided some additional information and clarity about the upcoming school year.  This year will include many familiar routines and practices and several new ones that will require all of us to be flexible and understanding as we continue to work on making Monsignor Haller a safe and great place to learn!  

Please read the letter from Loretta Notten and complete the survey included in this link: 

Letter to WCDSB School Re-Opening July 31st 20

As per my previous newswire this week – if your child is medically fragile, immune compromised or has chronic or persistent health conditions you should speak with your health care provider(s) to determine what mode of delivery is most appropriate for your child and what, if any, accommodations for your child’s health needs might be required.  Whether your child’s return to school is conventional or adapted, it is important that your child’s health care provider(s) is consulted to ensure your child’s physical health needs are considered as we plan for a return to school during the COVID Pandemic

This comes to all Ontarians a month ahead of our return, and therefore please know and expect more details to be forthcoming.


At this time, I would like to extend warmest welcomes to our newest Hawks – our first year kindergartners along with all students new to our school!   I know this fall may feel unsettling for many of you, so to help you feel ready for your journey into Monsignor Haller, please click on the link below where you will find my Principal Parent Google slide:

Principal Parent Infoslide

Included in this infoslide is a welcome video we encourage you to view if you missed it earlier in the spring.  In addition there are links regarding school hours, our school handbook, contact information, school website and Twitter links and illness protocols etc.

We look forward to working with you to make this year a successful learning experience for your children.  Please be sure to continue to watch for more school newswires with information.



Tanya Hunter