Today is Ash Wednesday.  We are also celebrating the pastoral theme Gathering to become by displaying the chrysalis and butterfly at our altar table.  The symbols that we will use to represent this theme are the chrysalis and butterfly.

Currently, the chrysalis is hanging in our foyer, representing a safe and secure environment for a caterpillar to develop into a beautiful butterfly.  We too need to be in our own environments, to ensure the safety and security of all.  While we are in our safe and secure environments, we ARE developing.  We are learning, we are adapting and one day, we will emerge stronger

The Butterfly that is hanging in our foyer as well represents us as changed individuals.  We will emerge from our cocoons ready to spread our wings and fly!

This week each class will be focused on a variety of activities about Butterflies as well as a variety of reflective activities.  As a family, think about how our theme of “Gathered to Become” can connect to our current situation.

How can we feel connected to others given the limits of how we can “gather”?

What does “gathering” look like these days?

What is it that we want to “become”?  A good person?  More caring? Dedicated?

How can we work at “becoming” the person that God wants us to be?  That we want to be?

Things are different these days, but we are always a part of the Monsignor Haller community and we are always “Gathered to Become!”

Typically, we would gather in the gym for Ash Wednesday, share a liturgy with the parish team and offer ashes to all of our students and staff.
This year, being anything but “typical”, we will still mark this special occasion with a virtual liturgy from Mrs. Hunter and a reflection about ashes.  It is still the beginning of Lent and our journey towards Easter.  We are still called to make some Lenten Promises that make the lives of others a little better.


Please talk as a family this evening about the liturgy, your Lenten promises, and your plan to bring God’s world into action for others.