Good Morning Hawks,

Hoping everyone had a safe and joyous Christmas with loved ones.  This newswire comes a little early, however, I will not be available to send out your “look ahead” the weekend before we return from the holidays, so please note the following:


Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Winter Weather Update

When we experience wintry weather throughout the year schools follow School Board policy when deciding to keep students indoors during winter.

—>Students remain inside when temperatures, including wind chill, are at or below minus 20°C

Otherwise all students will go outside for recesses and lunches. Students must dress for the weather and be prepared to be outside before school, during the two 15-minute recess and the 40-minute lunch break.

If you are requesting your child to stay indoors for medical related concerns, please call the office to speak with us directly or provide a doctor’s note to let us know.  Your child will be directed to bring a book to the front office to read during these recesses.

Please check the weather each day before students leave for school to ensure that they are coming to school dressed appropriately to go outside every day. We are using the Environment Canada weather station website for the information needed to decide on indoor or outdoor recesses. (

In the event of severe weather, please listen to the local radio stations for school closure or bus cancellation information beginning at 6:45 a.m. Announcements are made approximately every quarter hour. Additionally, all cancellation updates can be found on the WCDSB website ( under the Cancellations tab.


Here are some tips for walking to school in the winter:

Wear a hat…up to 50% of body heat can be lost through your head, so keep it covered;

Walk with smaller steps to improve footing on slippery sidewalks;

Wear mittens…they are warmer than gloves;

Use a lip protector (such as a lip balm) on your lips;

Walk with a buddy…talk about all the great winter scenery.


Grade 7 Confirmation Meeting:

On Tuesday, January 15, 2019 OR Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 7:00pm in the Church at Blessed Sacrament, the Confirmandi come with their Sponsor. If the Sponsor is unavailable a Parent should come with them. The meeting will begin at 7:00pm and will be no longer than one hour. This meeting will be to talk about “how they are doing in their preparation to receive the Sacrament”, to answer any questions and to provide information for the Celebration of Confirmation.


A Look Ahead for January 7th-11th: 

Monday: Welcome Back!

Tuesday: Spirit Day!

Mini—Assemblies for divisions to review school expectations and goal setting for the new year!

School Council Meeting at 6pm in the school library

Wednesday: Deacon Shawn visiting Grade 8’s

Thursday: Twin Day!

Grade 6-8 Students Trip to  UW


School Focus:

In addition to academics, we also focus on student learning skills at school.  We promote that school is for learning and we want kids to “Be Safe, Be Happy, and Get Your Work Done!”  to develop great work habits and to be successful.

Specifically, we do a lot of work around the following:


-how to work quietly

-how to work in a group setting (talking about problems, solving tasks together, speaking patiently, doing one’s share of the workload etc.)

-keep to yourself—touching other people when they are trying to learn is very distracting to other kids and to the teacher

-regulating behaviour on the yard and in the classrooms; and

Respecting of all the people in our school family:

-listen when someone else is talking, as to keep from interrupting or trying to talk over them

-wait your turn in all areas of social interactions and conversations

-when someone is talking to you, look at them to show respect

-speaking and acting kindly to other children and teachers—this means at school talking back, being rude or using inappropriate language is not acceptable or appropriate


These areas have been a focus last year as well, and we would appreciate any support you can offer at home to help us at school in order to maximize your child’s learning and the learning of others.  Thank you!


Enjoy your last week of holidays and see you when we return on Monday January 7th!