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Terra Cotta Cookie Dough – Pick up

Hello Hawks,

Cookie Dough should be here at the school for 1PM. Once it arrives Mrs. Neves has to sort through and put the orders together, they should be ready for pick up starting at 2:30. Mrs. Neves will be here at the school until 5 Pm for you to come and pick up your orders from the main office. If you have an order of 1-3 boxes they will be sent home with your child. If you have any questions please call the school 519-579-1230 or email Mrs. Neves

Thank you.

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Phone Line Down

Good Morning Everyone,

The office phone is currently down  so Mrs. Neves is unable to answer any calls. When you call in please leave a message and she will follow up as soon as the phone line is back up.

Thank you,

Mrs. Neves

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Bus 176 – Running Late

Please know that bus 176 is running 20-30 minutes late this afternoon due to a driver absence. School staff continue to supervise and ensure students are safe while we wait for the bus to arrive.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

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Sacramental Updates

Families of Grade 2 and 7 students are asked to complete the registration paperwork should you wish your child(ren) to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist (gr. 2) and Confirmation (gr. 7) this Spring. Please reach out to Blessed Sacrament Parish and/or their website for further information as needed.

2022 1st comm Letter to parents

Confirmation Letter to parents 2022

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‘News from the Nest’

Good afternoon Haller Hawk families,

Please review the following ‘News from the Nest’:

Daily Screening ~ Families are reminded to continue using the Covid-19 School Screening tool before students arrive at school, and follow the directions provided from the screener. Please keep your child(ren) home when they are ill. It is very important that we continue our diligence in keeping all students, staff and families safe. 

Spirit Days ~ Every Tuesday is Spirit Day. Please know students may also wear our school colours (navy blue / gray) on Spirit Days. Our 2021 spirit wear orders have arrived and were distributed to students. 

To continue building a positive school climate, our Spirit Squad leaders have a wonderful schedule of spirit day/activities planned December 13-17. Please refer to our school calendar/website for specifics. 

Fundraising ~ Our Terra Cotta Cookie Dough Fundraiser orders will be delivered this week. Please stay tuned to newswire communications for further details about arrival / order pick up. 

Our Flip Give Fundraiser continues. Our team name is Monsignor Haller CES and our team code is QH4DTB.  Please go to the website or download the app to create their account and use the team code to join so that a portion of their sales go to our school. The key is to check on the website or app for the company they are shopping with before finalizing any online orders. 

Another note is that everyone has three options for how their purchases show up to the rest of the team. They can go into team privacy in their account settings and set it to full, partial or hidden. Each option will show them how their account/purchases will show up to the rest of the team so they can select the option they’re most comfortable with. Sincere thanks to all for supporting our school community.

Student Transportation Services (STSWR) ~ It is critical that all bus families are signed up for email notifications regarding bus delays and/or cancellations. 

Saturday Skills Builder ~ is a FREE literacy and numeracy support program for Gr. 7 and 8 students. If your child/student needs help to get through this transitional time and grades or study habits are suffering, encourage them to get the extra help they need. Taught by Certified Intermediate teachers, Skills Builder will provide additional instruction and resources to assist with the skills and tasks that follow this year’s curriculum. CLICK HERE to register online

For more information: 

Umbrella Project ~ This month our focus is to build on Kindness.Show your kids that kindness isn’t within someone else’s control. Within this quote is buried a powerful lesson that can make a big difference in how often our children use kindness:

“Treat everyone with kindness, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are.” – Author Unknown

Feeling empowered to deal with life is about finding that which is within your control. Unfortunately, when it comes to kindness we often give it only to those who treat us well. This ultimately puts our use of this important skill in someone else’s hands.  

As we start this month, remember that using the umbrella skills is a choice and kindness is a skill that is always available. In fact, it can be extremely uplifting to give it out freely to everyone.  Remember most people are fighting their own complex battle that has led them to the point where they may be rude, closed-minded or angry. Show your kids how powerful it can be to give kindness to the people who seem to deserve it least. Most often, they are the people who need it most. Now that’s empowering!

Chat soon, 

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

The Monsignor Haller School community is so grateful for the generous donations (of beans, canned fruit, rice, granola bars and juice boxes) so far in our 12 Days of Christmas Giving this past week. For the remainder of this initiative, we continue to collect shampoo, socks, hats and mittens, dried pasta, mac and cheese, canned soup and oatmeal. 

With gratitude!

Upcoming / Important Dates: 

Please visit our school calendar regularly for updates.

Dec. 7 ~ CSAC Meeting 6:00 PM

Dec. 8 ~ Terra Cotta Cookie Orders Arrive for Pick Up

Dec. 20 – 31 ~ Christmas holidays

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Bus 176 ~ Delay

Please know that bus 176 is running 10-20 minutes late. Your child(ren) remain safe and supervised by school staff.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work toward a resolution to the driver shortage.

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Bus 176 ~ running late today

Please know that bus 176 is running 10-20 minutes late this afternoon due to a driver absence. School staff continue to supervise and ensure students are safe while we wait for the bus to arrive.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

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