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WCDSB Student Census (Gr. 4-8) ~ Coming soon!

The WCDSB Student Census is an online survey that collects data specifically related to self-identity, demographics, and experiences at school. The WCDSB Student Census is a confidential and voluntary survey for all students in Grades 4 to 12. The goal of the Student Census is to better understand the diversity of students within the WCDSB and to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, social and demographic makeup of our students.

This work is mandated for all school boards in Ontario under the Provincial Anti-Racism Act (ARA s.6(2)). The census will allow us to gain detailed insight as to the cultural, social and demographic makeup of our students and will be used to identify/eliminate systemic barriers. This is a valuable opportunity for us to learn more about the students we support and help us to identify differences and gaps in our students’ experiences and outcomes, based on their diverse needs.

The Student Census includes questions about:
• Indigenous Identity
• First Languages
• Ethnic/Cultural Background
• Racial Identity
• Citizenship Status
• Religious/Spiritual Affiliation
• Gender At Birth/Gender Identity (9-12)
• Sexual Orientation (9-12)
• Challenges (e.g., ADHD, Hearing Impairment)
• Household Characteristics
• School Experiences (e.g., Belonging)

The Student Census supports many curriculum connections. Some of which include:
• Transferable Skills (All Curriculum 1-12): Global Citizenship and Sustainability
• Family Life (Grade 1-8): Living In Relationship B2 Exploring Human Nature
• Social Studies (Grade 1-6): Vision and Goals of the Program

All students from grades 4 through 12, regardless of their learning modality (e.g., face-to-face, virtual), are invited to participate. We offer the survey online, however, a paper format is available upon request through the school Administrator. The survey will be taken during class time and devices will be made available.

The Student Census is voluntary. Parents/Guardians of students under the age of 18 can request their child be exempt by completing the opt-out form available on the Student Census webpage before October 22, 2021.

Further, in November, any student may choose not to participate, to stop participating, or to skip a question at any time, regardless of whether their parents/guardians consented. If you have questions or comments about the WCDSB Student Census, please contact the school Principal or and one of the Census team staff members will respond shortly.

Monsignor Haller classes will complete the Student Census between November 1 – 12, 2021.

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Childhood Wellbeing ~ Tips for families

One of the most fundamental and well-researched predictors of childhood wellbeing and resilience is the quality of the relationships that children have in their lives. As the busyness of the school year picks up, remember that strong relationships need time to nurture and build. Before you add homework and extracurriculars into your child’s schedule, be sure to prioritize time in your weekly schedule for family bonding, friends, play and other important relationship-based activities as they are critical components to support your child’s wellbeing. I recommend you add these into your schedule as you would swimming lessons or piano so this time doesn’t get overlooked and forgotten.


Here are 2 ideas that pop up regularly in the research as big builders of relationship skills for your child:

  1. Find time for family meals together as often as possible. This seemingly simple activity improves parent-child connectedness and supports positive behaviours and health, especially as your child reaches their teen years.
  2. Have unstructured playdates. Unstructured play helps kids build relationships and important social skills. Book time for your child to spend time with friends that isn’t based on a prescribed activity like video games or sports but is free time where they have to create their own experience.

This low-key, fun time will help your child develop the relationships skills that will positively impact their lifelong wellbeing.

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Umbrella Project Update ~ Start a phone bin

As we continue to develop our Empathy skills, the following information has been shared by:

Dr. Jen, The Umbrella Project

Technology provides us with a great many benefits but one downfall is its impact on our empathy levels. When we are immersed in our devices we get less practice with face-to-face interactions, communication and interpreting people’s feelings, all key components of empathy. 

To build empathy this week, start to carve out device-free time in your home with a phone bin.  Use it over dinner, while playing a family game or walking to get ice cream. Have everyone with a device throw it in the bin and just enjoy each other’s company without distraction. Try to find a few chances every week to connect this way.

Time without technology is critical in helping our children develop empathy. Even before they themselves have these devices, our empathy levels as parents are impacted by this divided attention and we are modelling behaviours that are very important for our child’s future development. In my home, I find my 7 and 9 year old will ask for this device-free time now. A great start for when they get their own technology to manage.

Health & Happiness!

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Enjoy your long weekend with family, as Friday is a PA Day and Monday is our Thanksgiving holiday. Wishing all our students, families, and staff a blessed Thanksgiving as we gather safely to count our many blessings.


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