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Return to School Update – August 31

Good morning Hawks!

We know you have questions about our WCDSB Back-to-School Plan.


So, we invite you to send your questions to


We will look for all the common questions, and our Director of Education, Loretta Notten, will address those questions in a video.


We are so looking forward to welcoming our students back. Please review the WCDSB Back to School Plan and our current FAQs page at


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Return to School Update – August 28th

Good afternoon Hawks!

The excitement continues to build as we inch closer and closer to the beginning of the school year!  We are just over a week away now and before you know it, our building will be filled with smiles, laughter, and learning!

I am hearing that some families are wondering how you are getting all of this valuable information!  Please tell them to sign up for NewsWire emails!  Although the WCDSB does communicate more broadly, we share more specific details to Haller.  They may sign up on our website (they may need to check their junk mail to confirm the subscription).  Thank you for your help!


I want to briefly explain to you today about the change in morning routines at Haller.  It is so important that all families understand the flow in the morning so that you feel comfortable when dropping your children off.


 If your child is in grades 1-8 and you walk or drive to school, when you drop your child off in the morning we would ask that you say goodbye on the front pathways and then send your child to the backyard. Please do not go with them. We cannot have parents on the yard at all during this global pandemic.    Just another reminder that the school parking lot is closed in the mornings from 8:00am – 9:00am and again from 3:00pm – 4:00pm. We ask that you do not use our staff parking lot. If it is absolutely necessary to drive your child to school, we ask that you park on a neighbouring street.  There is ample parking on Shea Crescent on both sides (avoid the bus loading zone as you will be ticketed) and along Laurentian Drive, and walk toward your designated entrance maintaining distance from others. As previously mentioned, families are asked not to linger and to leave school property as soon as they can.  If you require access to the school parking lot during the day, please request a Visitor Parking Pass from the office.

If your child will be riding the bus, remember that masks are mandatory and so is assigned seating.  Students who are unable to follow these safety protocols will receive reminders and we will follow up with parents to update the progress.  Staff will be on site to greet and direct children to the backyard, and into their zones.

Once the bell rings, there will be a pylon for each classroom outside to mark their meeting spot.  Students are to go to the pylon and a staff member will be there to greet everyone and assist where needed.  When students gather at the pylon, we want them to be at least 6 feet away from each other.  The classroom teacher will then escort them to the door that they use to come inside.


If your child is in JK/SK you may walk them up to the FDK gate, and say your goodbyes promptly,  leaving the playground as quickly as possible remembering to observe all safety protocols about masks and distancing.  There are always several staff members who will welcome your child and ease that transition.  Parents are not permitted to enter the building.



If your child is in extended day in the morning, we would ask that you bring them to the FDK gate as per usual and a staff member will be there to welcome you.  You will be buzzed in and immediately inside the door will be a table with the attendance booklet.  Sign your child in and they will be met by an adult to take them to the classroom.  The end of day procedure will be the same.

Thank you in advance for your help with these routines.  We really need parents to understand that although we would love to have everyone in the building to share in the many amazing things that happen here each day, during the global pandemic we must put these measures in place.


**What happens if a child seems or feels unwell while at school?


Our staff care about your children.  They want them to be here and to be learning.  We will be vigilant throughout the day to monitor & report any student who shows symptoms of being unwell.  The student will be sent to the office and supervised in our ‘isolation’ room.  We will notify a parent and will likely ask that you come to the school immediately to pick up your child.


If symptoms typically associated with COVID seem to be present, we will call you immediately and encourage you to contact public health, take your child for a COVID-19 test and follow all public health directives.  Your child will be able to return to school once these steps have been followed.  For the safety of everyone at Monsignor Haller, and so that we can all continue to learn at school we are asking that you do not send your child to school when they are sick.  This includes a cough, runny nose, low grade fever, upset tummy, etc. We are not medical professionals and we cannot determine the difference between a common cold and COVID-19.  Please understand that we are all in this together and we need your help to keep everyone safe.


Thank you Hawks!  Have a great weekend!
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Return to School – August 27 Update

Dear Hawks:


Please read the attached letter from Loretta Notten, our Director of Education.

Letter to WCDSB School Re-open Aug 27

This letter includes details regarding start up, staggered entry dates, remote learning as well as high school student information.  Please read it over carefully.


Stay tuned for more information to come,

Tanya Hunter




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Return to School Update – August 26

Good afternoon Hawks!


So far this week, we have sent you the WCDSB re-opening plan, the operational guide, and given some site-specific processes for our re-opening here at Monsignor Haller.  More details can be found at


Today, I want to reiterate the staggered entry plan, talk about traffic flow within the school, give you some snack tips, and let you all know when you will find out who your teachers are!


Staggered Entry for the Week of September 8, 2020


Monday, September 7: Labour Day Holiday!  Enjoy!
Tuesday, September 8: Year 1 / JK Visits, Grade 1 and 2 only
Wednesday, September 9: Year 2 / SK’s only, All students in Grades 1-4
Thursday, September 10: SK’s, 1/2 of JK’s, All students in Grades 1-6
Friday, September 11: SK’s, the other 1/2 of JK’s, All students in Grades 1-8
Monday, September 14: All students!  Remote learning also begins.


Traffic Flow Within the School:
  • Our bell times have not changed for the upcoming year.  We will still run from 8:50am – 3:20pm.  We will continue to have our JK/SK students enter the building at the side door by the gated area at 8:50am.
  • Yard supervision will continue to begin outside at 8:35am.  Please drop your children off anytime after that, but please DO NOT STAY ON THE YARD WITH THEM.
  • All students will sanitize their hands upon entry to the school and go directly to their classroom.
  • Coat hooks will NOT be used, but belongings brought into their classroom instead.
  • Hallway traffic will be “one way” at a time to avoid coming in close contact with others.
  • Classrooms will have scheduled bathroom breaks to ensure that teachers can monitor the traffic flow in the hallways.
  • Several “mask breaks” will be provided for students throughout the day.  This will be outdoor times when they can distance and remove their masks.
  • Recess and Lunchtime routines will remain the same.
  • We will social distance at the end of the day until the bus students get on the bus.
  • All students will have time to get ready at the end of the day for 3:10.  Students will be called and dismissed upon bus arrival, until the bell rings when all walkers and drivers are dismissed.
Other details about the day will come out when they are available.  Please know that we take safety and health very seriously and we will be spending a good deal of time in the first month of school teaching your children how to be safe in a group of people during a pandemic.  Please continue to reinforce these concepts and skills at home as well to ensure that your children know what to do when moving throughout the school.

Teachers will contact families if we notice a pattern or area of struggle to offer supports for your child’s transition back to school


Snacks and Lunches: 


Please start practicing now!  Have your children practice opening a variety of containers, eat independently, and clean-up after themselves…in ALL GRADES 🙂   We will have limited “Lunch Helpers” in our Kindergarten and Grade 1 classrooms this year, so kids will need to open their containers at snack time and lunch.
Students will also be responsible for cleaning their desk and wiping down their surface after they eat.  Please work with them now so that they know how to do this!


Nutrition for Learning will continue but will look very different.  More information about that will come soon.


Who is my Teacher?


This is the information we all really want!  Class lists are currently still being updated based on teh information received from your Return to School Survey Declaration.   Please stay tuned to SchoolCash Online on Thursday, September 3, 2020, for the information to be emailed to you.  When you come to the school on YOUR first day, please find your teacher on the yard, and remember to stay socially distant from others!


That is enough information for today Hawks!  Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


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Return to School August 25 Update

Hi Hawks!

We will be pushing information out to you starting this week and we ask that you read it carefully.  Please know that as things change, we will attempt to provide you with the most updated information that we have.


First of all, let me start by saying that we are very excited at the prospect of seeing all of you back at school in just a couple of weeks!  We have been working hard to ensure that we can provide the safest environment possible for all our staff and students.


Preparing for school:  Please DO NOT go out to purchase school supplies.  We will have individual kits coming to Monsignor Haller for each student in addition to the regular supplies that we order each year.  If you are getting something to bring to school, please purchase a good pair of indoor shoes and a mask.  The rest of the materials will be specific to the classroom that you are in and we do not want anyone spending their hard-earned money on supplies that will not be used.


Remote Learning:  Many students have selected to engage in remote learning.  Please know that this is not associated with our school specifically, but instead with the WCDSB.  It will commence on September 14, 2020.  If you have chosen to learn remotely, you will be receiving a letter shortly with additional details. Please know that you can choose to learn remotely or return to school at various times throughout the year.  More information regarding these specific dates and methods of choice will come in the next few weeks so please stay tuned!


Processes at school to keep your children safe:


We continue to look at many processes to keep your children as safe as possible.  We will continue to follow the advice from Public Health and follow the big 3:


Social Distancing:


We will be keeping our students as far apart as possible from each other, but also requiring masks to be worn.  Our goal in the classroom and throughout the school is 1 meter and a mask.  When students are outside, we are asking students to remain 2 meters from each other, and masks are not mandatory outside.  Distance from others is extremely important.  Please speak to your children about keeping their distance and have them practice now.


Hand Washing and Sanitizing:


We have sanitizer in each classroom and throughout the school.  We are encouraging students and staff to wash hands frequently and sanitize often.  We also want to encourage them to be very aware of “touchpoints” throughout the day, and if they find they are touching a lot of surfaces, sanitize afterward.


Wearing Masks:


*NEW All students in JK-8 are required to wear a mask.  Please know that this is an effort to keep everyone safe.  We would ask that you help us and acquire a mask for your children now and practice wearing it with them.  It takes some getting used to, but they will get used to it.  Students are to wear their mask at all times when they are in the building and cannot maintain safe social distance.  They will be provided breaks from their masks when outside.


All staff will be required to wear a mask when working with students.  We have received medical-grade masks for our staff and we will be wearing them to help keep your kids safe.  Although you can’t see our faces, trust me, we are all smiling under the mask!


Staggered Entry:
We will be welcoming our Year 1 students and a parent as per usual on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  If you are a parent of a Year 1 student or a “new to Haller” Year 2 student, you will receive your visit time in the next couple days.  We are so excited to see you all and hope you feel the same!
Year 2 students will start on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, and they will have the opportunity to be re-introduced to their classrooms for the first time on that day.
On Thursday, September 10, 2020, all of the Year 2 students and ½ of the Year 1 students will attend.  On Friday, September 11, 2020, all of the Year 2’s will attend with the other ½ of the Year 1 students.  Your classroom teachers will provide you with the information during your visit.


Grades 1 and 2 students will start in September on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, and attend each day from then on.


Grades 3 and 4 students will start on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, and attend each day following.


Grades 5 and 6 students will start on Thursday, September 10, 2020, and attend each day following.


Grades 7 and 8 students will start on Friday, September 11, 2020, and attend from then on.


If you have any questions regarding this schedule, please contact the office.  Once again, please know that we are so excited about seeing all of you in a couple weeks.  Realizing that this could be causing some stress and anxiety for some, we would encourage you to take a deep breath, know that we are here for you, and tell yourself “we got this!”

See you soon,

Tanya Hunter

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Return to School – Important

Good morning Hawks,

With only 2 weeks away from returning to school, the WCDSB has been working diligently to create a safe return to school plan.  As the board continues to think about the details, attached is an overview of what to expect on September 8th.  This is a lot of information, so kindly read it over carefully:  Newswire August 24th

If your child is in Year 1 and Year 2 of kindergarten, expect that a Monsignor Haller staff member will be in touch in the next week to relay kindergarten specific information regarding school visits, staggered entry and items needed for school.

If you have selected remote learning, please know that WCDSB staff will be in contact with you to review how your child can be successful with remote learning.


Stay safe,

Tanya Hunter

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Bring Your Own Device to School

As per the WCDSB: the following information is to help families learn about our Bring Your Own Device and Purchase Program.


Partnership with STAPLES and Dell for Learning devices


WCDSB has made significant investments to ensure our students and staff have access to a variety current technologies. The use of technology to support learning remains a key priority to ensure that students are equipped with the skills to flourish in an increasingly digital world. Chromebooks and Windows 10 Cloudbooks have proven to be versatile, reliable, and affordable digital tool in the classroom.


As students have engaged more with the technology that is available in their classrooms, many families have expressed interest in purchasing a device for their child to use at school and at home. WCDSB families have reached out, seeking advice about which technology would best support their child’s learning, is reasonably priced, yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use as it’s transported back and forth to school each day.


Devices for Families in Need


Free learning device/computer offerings for low income families:
Visit our web site to learn more about the programs and devices that available for purchase through STAPLES and Dell.
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Return to School Update

Good morning Hawks,

Thank you for completing the Return to School survey that was sent to you last week.

As we continue to follow up with families for responses, please know that we will communicate start up information, protocol expectations for school mandated by Health & Safety (wearing masks, physical distancing etc.), and in-person and online learning with you as soon as I have that information available.

At this time, the WCDSB is working closely with Public Health and the Ministry and details will be forthcoming to families in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Can’t wait to see everyone soon,

God Bless,

Tanya Hunter



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Mandatory Survey for Families

Good morning Hawks!

If you have not had a moment to complete the Return to School Survey – you have the next 4 days to complete it.

This is mandatory for families to complete as it will assist the school board and our school in preparing for our September 8th return:

Thank you!

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Re-Opening Survey

Good morning Hawks!

As per last week’s announcement, the WCDSB want to offer our assurances that we will be prioritizing health and safety, learning continuity and equity of access for all our students. Nonetheless, for some of our families, you may choose to have your child learn from home. That is an option for you. Please complete the survey that follows.

We need EVERY family to complete the survey for EACH child, as that is how we will prepare properly for the fall. Please complete this SURVEY:


Thank you,

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