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Education Updates

Good morning Hawks!


Please see below for some recent updates.


1. Special Message from the Minister of Education


On Sunday, April 26 2020, the Ontario Government announced that schools will remain closed under emergency order until at least May 31, 2020 (


Should schools be permitted to reopen at that time, school employees will have access as of May 29, 2020.


The extension was based on expert advice from the Chief Medical Officer of Health and health officials on the COVID-19 Command Table and is part of the government’s ongoing effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Yesterday, the Minister of Education released this letter to parents: Minister letter to the parents v9 FINAL EN – April 28 2020


As we move forward, please remember that on our WCDSB board website you will find from our home page a link to WCDSBLearn@Home where a host of additional resources for all learners will be found.  We also encourage you to continue to visit our WCDSBPray@Home webpage as well as our FAQ page.  You can also follow the #STEAMDays hashtag where lots of fun and engaging activities are being posted.


2. Catholic Education Week – May 3-8, 2020


We invite our families to celebrate Catholic Education Week 2020 with us during the week of May 3 – May 8, 2020. The overall theme for Catholic Education Week is: Igniting Hope and there are five sub-themes for each day of the week:


Monday: Our Hope in Christ


Tuesday: The Hope Within Us


Wednesday: The Hope Among Us


Thursday: Hope for the World


Friday: A Future Full of Hope


3. Take-Home Device Support 


Please call the device support number below for issues such as connecting to the internet or hardware issues with WCDSB-owned devices.


Hours of support are 8AM to 4PM, Monday to Friday.


519-578-3677 Ext: 2316
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Friday Flash…a look ahead

Good morning Hawks,


I wanted to take a moment by thanking all of you – parents and students!  We realize that this is a challenging time for all of us, and all the staff at Haller wanted to let you know that we are so proud of your efforts over the first three weeks of distant learning, and so thankful for your teamwork!  This would not be a successful endeavor without you.  Many of you parents are still working and trying to balance that with so many added pressures at home – we see this and say THANK YOU!  Many of you students are working so hard, connecting with their teachers, completing and submitting tasks and facing the challenges of learning independently.  THANK YOU!

The entire staff hopeful that this method of teaching and learning will end soon and that we can all be back at school together in the near future.  

Next week will begin week four of distant learning.  Please remind your child to check in with their Google Classroom everyday, ask questions of teachers when needed, and keep a good pace of work. 

Remember we are looking for a minimum of an hour per day for JK – Grade 6 and 2 hours of work from our Intermediate Grade 7 and 8 friends.  You can do it!

If you are struggling with distance learning, or you are feeling overwhelmed or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your teachers or myself.  We are here to help!



Story:  Snappsy The Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) read by David Harbour


Think About: What tools should/did Snappsy use?



Here is next week’s Haller VSW: 


WCDSB Updates:

Please see the attached letter from our Director:

Letter to WCDSB School Closure COVID 19 April 23 20

Grants you may be eligible for:

If you live in a Co-operative housing, see the Connected for Success program.

Families who currently receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit are eligible for the Connecting Families program.

Both programs offer $10/month residential internet service.


Missing everyone and hope to see you soon,

Mrs. Hunter


 “In times of crisis, less is more. Pare down. Focus on what matters most. Nurture yourself and those you love. We are all in this, and will get through it–together.”
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Friday Flash…a look ahead!

Good morning Hawks,

As information comes to light, we will continue to update you with news  and updates.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!

  • We are doing our best to ensure that Chromebooks are available to each family that requires one.  There have been three opportunities for pick ups and at this time there are no more scheduled pick up dates.
  • Welcome to Kindergarten Night for new JK students coming to school in September will be postponed until we can confidently select a new date.
  • The opportunity to receive Sacraments through the Church is on hold for now. Any questions about receiving sacraments can be directed to the Church.  When we return and we are in contact with the Church again, we will let you know.
  • All school trips currently booked for this year are cancelled. 
  • Pizza Money is being/has been refunded to you via SchoolCash Online for orders that were prepaid 


*New:  As we journey through this pandemic experience, self-isolation, and uncertainty, many children (and us too) will go through a variety of  emotions in order to deal with our day to day realities.

Each week we will offer you a FRIDAY FAMILY SELF CARE CONNECTION in the form of an online story followed up by a question or prompt to discuss as a family.

Story:  The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen read by Oprah Winfrey:

Think About: What can we do when we make a mistake?



Here is next week’s Haller VSW: 


WCDSB Updates:

  1. Umbrella Project Webinar – UP-WCDSBWebinarWorksheet-2
  2. COVID WCDSB Thought Exchange –
  3. WCDSB Pray@Home – The WCDSB Pray@Home portal is up and running via the WCDSB Learn@Home Please visit it to check out some of the resources available to your family there.


Missing everyone and hope to see you soon,

Mrs. Hunter



“In times of crisis, less is more. Pare down. Focus on what matters most. Nurture yourself and those you love. We are all in this, and will get through it–together.”
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Good Friday and Easter Blessings

As the season of Lent gives way to Easter, we change our liturgical colour from purple to white which reminds us that we are cleansed of our sin in the Resurrection. 

As Lent was a time of preparation, Easter is a time of celebration. We witness God’s unconditional love for us in the Resurrection and shout with joy, “Alleluia!”

The season of Easter extends for seven weeks until Pentecost.  Consider taking time each week to reflect on the Sunday readings and call to mind the fact that we are still celebrating – our joy is that great, God’s love is that big!

Although the world around us is not quite what we expected, the staff at Monsignor Haller hope that you can find the time to spend Easter together with the people close to you, staying safe & healthy. 

Happy Easter Hawks!

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Friday Flash…a look ahead!

Good Morning Hawks,

I hope this first week of distance learning was successful for everyone.  It may take some time for everyone to become familiar with accessing the google classrooms, portals, weekly slides/activities.  This is a learning curve for teachers as well – as we learn how school will look for the time being. Teachers will be providing some tasks for you that will be assessed, but our focus will be on providing review and consolidating the the big ideas in learning with a focus on religion & family life, literacy and numeracy.

We realize the commitment that this takes from all of you at home and we are so thankful for your efforts in supporting your child’s learning.  We are confident that this will be successful because of the great team we have at school and the amazing community in which we are a part! I know that in a month or so, when we are looking back on this experience, we will see this as another example of the amazing family we have at Monsignor Haller built on togetherness, trust and support!

As you figure out what your home daily schedule will look like in terms of time spent each day learning, keep in mind the Ministry of Education has outlined a minimum of 1 hour of learning each day (5 hours per week) for all students from JK – Grade 6.  This increases to 2 hours per day (10 hours per week) for students in Grades 7 and 8.  

These times are a minimum as some assignments/activities may take some students longer or some teachers may have an additional item from time to time.  This should not be overwhelming for anyone – students or parents. If you are having a challenge, however, please make sure you reach out to your child’s teacher.  These are extremely unusual times and we need to count on each other; we are all here to help!

Parent Supports on WCDSB Website – 

Please continue to check our Board website for ongoing updates to valuable parent resources: 

WCDSBLearn@Home (a new FAQ has been recently added to the Learn@Home and COVID-19 pages)

WCDSBPray@Home, and 

COVID-19 Updates


This Week’s Virtual Spirit Week: 

Missing everyone and talk soon,

Mrs. Hunter


“In times of crisis, less is more. Pare down. Focus on what matters most. Nurture yourself and those you love. We are all in this, and will get through it–together.”


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Blessings on Palm Sunday

Good Morning Hawks,


Today is a very special day!  Today, Catholics all over the world celebrate Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of the holiest time in the Church.


Today, during virtual mass, you can hear the story of 2 very important events.  The triumphant return of Jesus into Jerusalem and the Passion of the Lord.  Please find time today to pray together, attend a virtual mass and reflect on the Passion of our Lord.  Through his patient suffering, Jesus brought salvation to us all.  Such an important message in a time like this.


During your prayer today, please send intentions and prayers to all of those around the world who are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those who are isolated and alone and have no one to pray for them.  Please pray for all of the front line workers who constantly and consistently put themselves in harms way for the rest of us.  What a sacrifice they continue to make!


We have so many things to pray for, and we have so many things to be thankful for.  Please keep a positive perspective.  Please keep safe and most importantly, please continue to reach out to those in your family and neighbourhood who need it most.


Take care Hawks,


Have a very blessed Palm Sunday and a prayerful and reflective Holy Week.


Visit our website for more news and events.
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Friday Flash…a look ahead!

Good morning Hawks,

Here we go!  Your child’s teacher has distance learning up and running and on April 6th students should expect to check their Google Classrooms for lessons and assignments each day.  Although it may look differently class to class and school to school we will try to over-communicate with you so everyone feels connected to this new way of learning for the time being.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you need support of any kind and it will be communicated to the school.  

Families who indicated a need to borrow a school chromebook, your child’s teacher has called you/attempted to get in touch about school pick up information.  A liability/replacement form has been sent to you on Schoolcash Online that must be filled out in exchange for borrowing the chromebook (hard copies will be available at the school should you need a paper copy). Please be sure to follow up with your child’s teacher so that your child(ren) have access to a device for Monday.

What can you expect next week?  

Teachers will share slides or documents that include video clips of teaching, tasks, stories read online, literacy and numeracy activities and/or assignments to be completed.  Your child should begin a new practice of logging into his/her Google Class every morning to see what has been posted by the teacher. Because many of us are working from home, it will be a challenge for all of us  to be online at the same time; however, encourage your child to post questions and comments as needed. Let your child(ren) know that teachers will continue to document and give feedback on assignments as they regularly would at school and record this for assessment purposes.  


As promised, please check out our first Haller VSW:  1 Virtual Spirit Week Apr 6 2


As you await the formal teaching on Monday, these websites may help you to navigate distance learning and offer activities that will inspire, create and investigate:

Easy Parent Guide To Google Classroom:

Read and Write app on a home device (laptops and chromebooks).

Learn at Home:

Steam Days for daily activities:

*Please check our Twitter feed at: @monsignorhaller

*Nutrition for Learning Pop Up Snack Locations:


Missing everyone and talk soon online,

Mrs. Hunter


“In times of crisis, less is more. Pare down. Focus on what matters most. Nurture yourself and those you love. We are all in this, and will get through it–together.”
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