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Friday Flash…a look ahead!

Mark your Calendars:

The Fiction Festival is on April 26th.  Ask your child about it!  Start reading!  Your child will be participating in a fantastic school event where she/he will share the book read and dress up as one of the characters in the book to parade through the school.  Classroom winners for the best presentation will win a FREE LUNCH!



We are looking for old lego for our new Lego Wall that was installed in our Learning Commons for students to build and design!

We are also looking for stuffed characters that would fit in with books to display in our Learning Commons (think: a stuffed turtle could be paired up with Franklin books!)


Pizza Lunch:

Be sure to order your pizza lunch online!


Families:  If you have moved or are thinking of moving and your child(ren) will no longer be within the school boundary, kindly call the school so we can plan accordingly for the next school year.  Please return your Out of Boundary Form if you received one from the office to be considered for approval for next year.


This Week in the Nest:

Tuesday:  Spirit Day!

School Council Meeting—all welcome! 6:00pm in the school Learning Commons (library)

Wednesday:    Grades 4 & 6 to Shade’s Mills

Thursday:     Grade 7 Retreat at the Parish in preparation Saturday’s Confirmation Celebration!

Saturday:  Blessing to our Grade 7 students receiving Confirmation at Blessed Sacrament Church @ 2:00pm


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Black History Month – Karl Subban Presentation

Can you believe that we have Karl Subban coming to Monsignor Haller to share his story for Black History Month (belated)!

When: Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 10:00am
He will be speaking on “having a dream”, sharing his story of “The Subban Plan for Success” which he details in his first book entitled, How We Did It. The book chronicles the family journey which lead to all three of his boys playing hockey, PK being the most well known. However, in order to execute that dream, a clear plan had to be in place.

This presentation will motivate and encourage the students to “Get Your Ticket” in life, our School Theme this year, as well as create awareness of the accomplishments of Blacks and Black Canadians. The key message however, for our assembly will be to share the fact we all have a history, whatever our ancestry. There is a legacy to be celebrated and shared!

Mr. Subban will have copies of his book available.

Below is a link to the Record article & CTV News coverage of Black History Month at John Sweeney.
Thank you again Mr. Karl Subban for the inspiring presentation and showing us the importance of each students potential.

CTV News Video
The Record News Article

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World Down Syndrome Day

Hello Families,
All students and staff throughout the Waterloo Catholic District School Board are encouraged to wear their funky socks on Thursday, March 21st to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.
Worldwide, individuals and groups wear colourful, fun or mix-matched socks to celebrate our differences and raise awareness about Down Syndrome.
On the evening of March 21st, landmarks around the world will be lighting up in blue and yellow to recognize this important day.
Thank you for encouraging everyone to #SeeTheAbility on March 21st and ever day!

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Budget Survey

Please find attached the link to the 2019-2020 budget survey.  The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.  The Board values input from stakeholders and your feedback helps ensure that budgets are aligned according to the Board, school and stakeholder needs.


The survey will be open until March 25th, 2019.  The survey results will be made available after they have been presented to the Board’s Budget Advisory Committee.


Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to the survey.


Thank you
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Dear Parents of Monsignor Haller:


The WCDSB has a Ministry requirement to conduct a School Climate Survey every two years with students, staff and parents. We are asking that you please complete the parent survey between March 18th and April 5th, 2019. It can be accessed through this link:



The focus of the survey is on bullying/harassment of students.  Strategies for addressing bullying/harassment include annual training for all staff, our playground supervision schedule and plan (including zones and use of purple sheets), staff use of official Ministry forms for reporting bullying to the principal, weekly class meetings, and a whole-school restorative justice approach. Also, information related to our school’s code of conduct is included at the front of all student agendas. Although we formally raise awareness about prevention of bullying and harassment during the Ministry’s Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week every November, at Monsignor Haller, we always address bullying when it is reported and emphasize on a daily basis the importance of treating each other with respect.


Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!
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Friday Flash…a look ahead!

Fiction Festival (& non-fiction)

We are pleased to announce return of the Haller FICTION FESTIVAL!! A kick off assembly took place on Friday with more information coming home!  NEW DATE: April 26th, 2019

Students will read a book of their choosing (fiction or non-fiction) and select a character to dress up as from their book.  A book talk will determine the top 3 classroom finalists before moving on to the final judging taking place in the Learning Commons.  This is THE BEST event at Monsignor Haller and garners whole school participation!!  Good luck to all our book worms!

 Visitors/Parents Visiting the School:

All visitors to the school are required to sign in at the office upon arrival.

We ask that visitors, parents and guardians kindly wait at the office when picking up/dropping off children.  Hallways and classrooms are not to be visited without an appointment and/or permission.  Staff are happy to walk students to and from their classrooms.  We appreciate your co-operation.

 Thank Yous!!

Thank you to parents who helped with cooking up pancakes for our Shrove Tuesday breakfast this past week.  School smelled amazing and kids were stuffed full!


Happy March Break.  Stay safe and have fun with your families!


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Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

We would like to thank our Catholic School Council and all the volunteers who purchased the breakfast supplies, cooked pancakes last night and this morning and came in today to count and distribute pancakes!  Students and staff truly appreciate all that you do for us, and what a wonderful way to begin our journey in Lent.


As tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, this is a reminder that our Ash Wednesday liturgy will take place at 9:15am.  Please join us for this wonderful ceremony and a great start to our 40 days and nights of Lent leading us to Easter.


We look forward to a faithful journey through Lent.


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Grade 7 and 8 Parents

Good Morning,

We would like to welcome Ms. Dufresne who has taken on Mrs. Rice’s maternity leave for the remainder of the year in grade 7.

Grade 8 Parents, the Headstart sign up for grade 9 orientation has been moved to March 7th of this week.  Sign up before the program is filled!!  Your son/daughter will enjoy a 2 day ‘headstart’ at St. Mary’s to meet people, find their locker and meet new friends!

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Friday Flash…a look ahead!

Fiction Festival:

We are pleased to announce return of the Haller FICTION FESTIVAL!! A kick off assembly will take place on Friday next week with more information coming home!  Our Fiction Festival Date is April 18th, 2019 (Thursday before the Easter Weekend)

 School Council Update:

Thank you to Council for helping with the Shrove Tuesday Pancake breakfast!  We are still looking for volunteers who can take pancakes home on Monday and return the cooked pancakes to school on Tuesday morning.  Please let the office know if you are available to help out!

To date Council has run 2 fundraisers: Herrle’s Pumpkins and Baden’s Coffee.  All money raised always goes back to students.  This year, Council has contributed toward the Pottery To Go Christmas ornaments that went home in December (parents had a reduced cost), the School Turkey Lunch on December 18th (parents had a reduced cost), a free bus for each class to go on a field trip and reserved funds for playground maintenance.

School Fundraisers:

The School has run two fundraisers this year:  the Fall Fair and Terra Cotta Cookie Dough and the donations for the Valentine’s Day Dance.  The school used the funds for noise cancelling headphones, club materials (crochet club, handwriting club, outdoor equipment requests) classroom resources and student needs.


Next week marks the beginning of Lent with Shrove Tuesday on March 5th and our Ash Wednesday liturgy on March 6th at 9:15am.  Ashes will be distributed for all staff and students; families are welcome to join us and be marked with the sign of our faith as well.

Shrove Tuesday:

Please see the flyer about our upcoming Shrove Tuesday Celebration where School Council along with Staff prepare and serve a breakfast for all students.

Pancake Flyer Shrove Tuesday

Every student will have the opportunity to enjoy pancakes and maple syrup with their friends! The following information will assist in making an educated decision where allergies may be of concern: Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix is made in a “Peanut -Free” facility but NOT a “Nut Free” facility. (The product is processed in a separate part of the facility from the nut products, and there is very little risk of contamination as per the manufacturer). The Maple Syrup is also Aunt Jemima.  We are asking parents to use their judgement in deciding if the options mentioned above are safe for their children. We encourage those who cannot eat our pancakes, to bring in a pancake/snack from home to enjoy with their peers at the same time.

KOTB Performance: 

The Kids on The Block Puppet Show scheduled for this past week has been rebooked for March 26th due to an illness from one of the performers.


This Week in the Nest:

Tuesday:  Spirit Day!

Shrove Tuesday

Wednesday: Ash Wednesday Liturgy (9:15am)

Grade 7 & 8 Girls’ Trip to Conestoga College

Thursday:  Intermediate Girl’s Volleyball Tournament (pm)

Friday:  Fiction Festival Kick Off Assembly

School Focus:

Math Before Bed:

What is the sum of the numbers covered by the grey squares?

How do you know?

What did you do?  “Justify your thinking.”

Find more:


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