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Practice Drill Today

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Today, our students and staff participated in a Tornado Drill in the school at approximately 11:15am.

Staff and students followed a prepared set of procedures that were explained over the announcements during the practice, so that each and every person knew where to go and what to do.  Our Hawks conducted the drill with great success.

We practice a number of safety procedures, including lockdowns (2), fire drills (6) and tornado drills (2) throughout the year to familiarize students on how to stay safe in the event of a real emergency situation.  Take a moment tonight to discuss the emergency procedures with your son/daughter.

Please contact the office staff if you have any questions or concerns.


Tanya Hunter

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Hot Lunch Survey!


Kindly fill out our Hot Lunch Survey and let us know what YOUR kids would like for lunch days at Monsignor Haller.

Thank you!


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Good morning Hawks,

Another bout of weather has the buses cancelled today.  If you drive your child in, please remember that someone will need to pick him/her up at 3:20 as the buses are always cancelled at the end of the day as well.

For students who are at home today, we strongly encourage them to do some school learning throughout the day (sorry kids!:).  Get lost in a book for 30 minutes, play games!! (any card game, Monopoly, Blokus, Traffic Jam – any game that adds numbers or is strategic thinking.)

Stay safe today!

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Friday Flash!…a look ahead

Save the Dates:

Grade 7 Students:  Students in Grade 7 in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board will be administered the Canadian Achievement Test, Fourth Edition (CAT-4) between April 23-30, 2019.  The CAT-4 is a national standardized achievement test designed to measure achievement in the basic skills commonly taught in schools across Canada. The specific skill areas in which your child will be assessed include language arts, reading and mathematics. The CAT-4 takes approximately four hours to complete over a three-day period.

The CAT-4 will provide information for parents, students, teachers and administrators about how well students perform in the basic skill areas. This information will be used to provide direction for curriculum and program delivery at the system, school, and individual student levels.


Grade 4 Students:  In the period of April 8-15, 2019, the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test Level 10 (CCAT 7) will be administered to all grade 4 students in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.  The purpose of this board-wide screening of the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test Level 10 (CCAT 7) is to:

Identify your child’s cognitive areas of strength and areas of need

Provide information about your child’s learning style

Provide information to your child’s teachers in order to help them meet instructional objectives

The CCAT 7 is divided into three sections (verbal, quantitative, non-verbal) and each section has three tests. The CCAT 7 will be administered over a three-day period and each testing session will last about 40 – 45 minutes out of the regular school day.


Shrove Tuesday:  Please see the flyer about our upcoming Shrove Tuesday Celebration where School Council along with Staff prepare and serve a breakfast for all students.

Pancake Flyer Shrove Tuesday

Every student will have the opportunity to enjoy pancakes and maple syrup with their friends! The following information will assist in making an educated decision where allergies may be of concern: Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix is made in a “Peanut -Free” facility but NOT a “Nut Free” facility. (The product is processed in a separate part of the facility from the nut products, and there is very little risk of contamination as per the manufacturer). The Maple Syrup is also Aunt Jemima.  We are asking parents to use their judgement in deciding if the options mentioned above are safe for their children. We encourage those who cannot eat our pancakes, to bring in a pancake/snack from home to enjoy with their peers at the same time.


This Week in the Nest:

Tuesday: Spirit Day!

KOTB Puppet Show

Thursday: Crawford Lake Field Trip—Mrs. Gaiger’s Class (all day)

Thursday: Safety Village Field Trip—Mrs. Gaiger’s Class and Ms. O’Neill’s Class (am)


 School Focus:

Math Tips for Parents/Guardians

“The key to understanding math is making sense of it. Many students believe that math is a set of formulas that have to be remembered – this belief is associated with low achievement. Math is a very creative subject that is, at its core, about visualizing patterns and creating solution paths that others can see, discuss and critique.”

Tips for Supporting Your Child

  1. Talk to your child’s teacher when you have questions.
  2. Be Positive – every child can learn mathematics with perseverance.
  3. Be Less Helpful – always try to have the math come from your child and not the other way around.
  4. Try not to tell your child how to do the math. They may not understand your thinking. Instead, ask questions that encourage understanding (“Why did you do that?”, “Why does that work?”, “How do you know you are right?”, “Is there another way you could do it?”).
  5. Encourage your children to question and wonder with them.
  6. Set High Expectations – children need to learn to persevere, to adjust thinking and strategies if their first attempt at a solution is unsuccessful. Encourage them to keep trying, if your child gets frustrated, take a break and come back to it.


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Hot Lunch Survey!

Good Morning Hawks,

We at the school are interested in your feedback about hot lunches!  When you find a moment, kindly complete the school survey attached:



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Friday Flash…a look ahead!

  This Week in the Nest:

Wishing everyone a Happy Family Day this weekend.  We will see everyone back at school on Tuesday February 19th.  On Tuesday we will welcome Father Larry to school along with 2 other priests to provide us with Reconciliation for students in grades 3-8.

Our students had a wonderful time at the dance today!  We had the kids who ran around, the kids who jumped up and down, the kids who danced…and…then the kids who stood in a group with their friends and watched🙂

Thank you to all our families for their support in making today a success!  Special thanks goes to Mr. Sexton, Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs. Duarte for helping out with our hot lunch!

The donations we received will go back into the classrooms to buy some of the things needed for student achievement and wellness.

Congratulations to Jayden P in room K for winning the huge Valentine stuffie, HAWKLEY!

 This Week: 

Monday: Family Day ~ Enjoy!

Tuesday: Spirit Day!

Reconciliation at school at 9:30am

Friday: Boys Basketball (pm) Tournament

Grade 2 and 7 classes to Laurel Creek (all day)

School Prayer for Family Day Weekend:


Thank you for our families.

We ask that you bless them with Your flavor; provide for all of their needs.

We ask You to protect them from harm and evil.

Surround them in the shadow of Your wing.

Go before them and prepare the way for them.

If any path is crooked, we ask you to make it straight.

Bring Your perfect peace to their hearts.


In Jesus name, we pray



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Pizza Lunch Today

Good Morning!

Students who ordered pizza will still get their pizza lunch today!  Bus students who ordered will receive repayment for this pizza lunch.

Girl’s Volleyball practice this morning is cancelled.  If girls arrive, they can knock on the front doors and be let in, however.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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School Closed

Good Morning Hawks,

Mother Nature is sure bringing us some winter weather this season.  Enjoy this as a day to share with your family!

Grade 7 Parents: The Camp Brebeuf Parent Info session tonight will be rescheduled to April (when we can count on the weather being a bit nicer)

Pizza:  kids – if you ordered pizza for today, you will receive it for lunch tomorrow🙂

As always, stay warm and safe today!

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A Look Ahead!

Good Evening Hawks!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend.  This week is calling for unpredictable weather again, so as always check out the board website ( and student transportation ( for updates in the winter season.

Here is the look ahead!!  Please check out your SchoolCash Online account to view the Valentine’s Dance and Lunch, as well as School Council’s COFFEE Fundraiser!

This Week in the Nest:

Valentine’s Day Dance Update:  We are having a Valentine’s Day Dance on Friday February 15th!  Students will be invited to come to the gym throughout the day for some dancing.

Students who paid a $2.00 donation will be entered into a draw for their to win HAWKLEY!  We are also offering a Hot Dog Day Lunch with the option to add popcorn or a cookie to make it a combo!  Orders will be taken through SchoolCash Online until Monday evening!

This Week: 

Monday: Grade 1/2 and 2 at church tour

 Tuesday: Spirit Day!

Camp Brebeuf Parent Meeting at 6pm

Thursday:  Report Cards go Home

Grade 6 trip to The Museum

Grade 1 trip to the Butterfly Conservatory


 School Focus:

Valentine’s Day Math Mash Up:)

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Friday Update

Good morning!

Just a reminder that if you were not at school yesterday due to the weather, you will be receiving your pizza today!  Check out SchoolCash Online for updated items including:

  1. Our School Council COFFEE Fundraiser
  2. Valentine’s Day Dance
  3. Valentine’s Day Lunch Order

Have a wonderful day!

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